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Ontario real estate boards are very powerful organizations and very helpful to most Ontario real estate agents working a very active real estate sales career. We believe that all onto your real estate boards are crucial in the success of career real estate agents all across Ontario. Real estate boards like the Toronto real estate Board, contain a code of ethics which is taken extremely seriously and there are also ongoing education requirements that real estate agents must complete to maintain their professional status in the Ontario.


About the Toronto Real Estate Board

The Toronto real estate Board has an M.L.S. system which was specifically designed to assist real estate professionals across Ontario, who are members of the Toronto real estate board, to help their buyers and sellers match up with the property they are looking for and make it a perfect fit for their client.

As an active real estate agent in Ontario who is a member of the Toronto board and requires the services of the board, the Toronto real estate Board and all of its services will prove to be instrumental to their success. Where the Ontario real estate agent becomes inactive in his or her real estate career, they will most likely not be using the services and the benefits that the Toronto real estate Board provides them. In this case, the real estate agents may be seeking out a non-board member brokerage to park their real estate license and therefore save the membership fee they would have paid to TREB or any other Ontario real estate Board that they may have been a member of.

When a real estate agent joins a park your license real estate brokerage in Ontario, they will not have the privileges of being a member of TREB or any other real estate board for that matter. Selecting to park your license in Ontario, you would probably be doing so to save on expenses on services that you will not be requiring at this time.

A real estate brokerage in Ontario who provides a park your real estate license service to real estate agents all over Ontario, realizes the importance of the Toronto real estate Board when an agent is active in sales. On the other hand, a real estate license holding company or brokerage in Ontario has the priority concern to help real estate agents who become in-active in sales, save a huge amount of dollars from expenses they no longer need in the present, but may eventually return to in the future when they become active in their real estate career again.


Although, it is not required to be a member of any Ontario real estate board to be successful in your real estate sales career, the odds are much much greater when the agent has access to the excellent services these Boards provide its members.


What about the Real Estate Council of Ontario ?



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