Top 10 Reasons You Should Park Your Real Estate License

We are one of the fastest growing Brokerages in Ontario that has the main focus of helping real estate agents save their money, whether they are full-time, part-time or just hanging their licence for future use.   Every week your fellow RECO Registrants choose New World 2000 Realty as their new Brokerage. Why are record numbers of Ontario real estate agents choosing to park their license? Is your commission split less than 90%?  A re you tired and maybe a little frustrated of all the ridiculous fees?
Are you a full-time active agent?  Are you currently part-time or just referring your sales to a connection you have with your Brokerage of Origin or other?  Is your RECO license aka Registration on hold and you are parked with your current Brokerage but still carry all the expenses you do not even need anymore?  It’s your turn to consider earning 90% Commission just like all of our 350+ Agents everyday and finally stop throwing your hard earned commission dollars in the fire!  We have NO monthly Fees and NO  transaction Fees!  We continually look for and add services that will assist our Agents who are Active and there are NO hidden, NO other embarrassing fees.
Join a brokerage with over 28 years experience.  If you do not recognize our name, it’s because we are here to promote you, we are here to serve you and in turn that assures you give the very best service to your clients.  This is what repeat sales are all about.  You get supportive management, and administration, 24/7 Live appointment desk,
and a whole lot more!
You can reduce your overhead by thousands and be member of a full service brokerage with a Broker of Record who is on the job for YOU 24/7.
Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Us

1. 90% Commission on EVERY transaction
2. 150.00 per yr Membership Fee 
3. Work Full or Part Time, Park your license, Hang your license, shelve your real estate license: No Quotas, No Pressure
4. NO desk fees, No Franchise Fee and No other fees.
5. Super Special deals on personal sales and posting listings
6. Agents who park your license pay NO Board Fees and NO CREA or OREA Fees
7. Appointment Desk 24/7 Live Messaging
8. Ext # that transfers callers to your number of choice or records voicemails and emails them to you immediately!
9. Commissions paid immediately upon receipt of all funds
10.Broker of Record with NO EGO Available to Assist you 7 Days a week.  That goes for our Administrator too! :-)

Forget about transaction fees, and monthly fees!

Over 350 RECO Registrants are benefiting by continuing to earn commission by trading or referring sales and saving big money on fees and dues for services they no longer require. All this and backed by a strong support real estate Brokerage.

Save your real estate license and save your money too.

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